CallXpress Unified Messaging for Microsoft Exchange

Unified Messaging (UM) provides enhanced message processing options for the purpose of optimizing productivity. The campus UM solution – CallXpress Unified Messaging for Microsoft Exchange – delivers your CallXpress voicemail messages directly to your Exchange email Inbox and allows you to access them from virtually any location using a wide variety of convenient devices (telephone, desktop PC, Internet, and mobile device).

To request a unified messaging account, create a ticket here.

A Unified Messaging add-in enhances your Microsoft Outlook client to support voice messages in a variety of ways and enable you to manage them in ways that best suit your work styles:

  • A new telephone icon added to the inbox signifies a voice message.
  • Voicemail messages are identified as such in the subject line.
  • New voice message forms are included with media player controls that support both the playback and recording of voice messages.
  • You can listen to, create, reply to, and forward voice messages over a computer sound device allowing you to use CallXpress voicemail functions without a telephone.
  • You can annotate messages, adding information about the subject or notes that summarize the response. When the message is forwarded, these notes remain only with the original message.
  • You can forward or reply to any voice message using either CallXpress or e-mail message forms.

Unified Messaging is available at no charge to active campus employees with an active CallXpress voicemail box, a valid campus Exchange email account, and the Microsoft Outlook email client.


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